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I’ve been fascinated with anniversary clocks since I first saw one as a child on the mantel at my grandparents’ house. I loved to stare at the graceful lines, the shining brass, and most of all the stately, hypnotic motion of the pendulum as the light flashed from it‘s surfaces. As an adult, I began collecting anniversary clocks, and taught myself how to repair them. I’ve received great satisfaction collecting and restoring these old clocks, and have come to see them as functional pieces of art from days gone by, and myself as a steward, caring for and preserving them for another generation to enjoy. I also love helping others to be able to fix and enjoy their clocks, so owning Horolovar is the perfect dream job for me. 
Horolovar now offers repair service for mechanical anniversary clocks and the Horolovar Flying Pendulum Clock. (Contact us or see our online store for details.) Future plans include adding more restoration supplies to help make your clock look new again. Horolovar offers it's signature suspension springs, suspension units, mainsprings, taper pins, tools, clock keys, The Horolovar 400-Day Clock Repair Guide, other 400 day clock repair books, Renaissance Wax, and Simichrome Polish, as well as the world's largest selection of 400 day / anniversary clock parts. Visit our online store today!
I want to encourage people who may have an interest in repairing their own anniversary clocks, or who may be thinking about a career in clock repair. I’ve added some how-to information to this website to get you started: How to build and install a suspension unit, how to put your anniversary clock in beat, how to install a new Horolovar mainspring, and how to oil your anniversary clock movement.
You can find more free information about anniversary clocks elsewhere on the web. I highly recommend the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors website, at www.nawcc.org  I am a proud member of this organization (and Chapter #168 in particular), which is dedicated to promoting interest and education in all kinds of watches and clocks.
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